Issue #8


March 2000


From the Editor

I hope the winter blues (or winter white-outs) haven't depressed your spirits! I know that no matter what we say, the winter is a hard time for those who ride, and this is something clearly expressed in one of our articles, "Deprived", on the second page.

This March Break, Harrogate will not be having a day camp but lessons are available during the day at 9:30 and 11:00 in the morning. The lessons are only for riders who do not need runners! (Sorry beginners, but we just can't be sure there will be runners for you when you come.)

There is a sign up sheet in the lounge with times. There must be a least two riders for Pat to give a lesson so check before you come! Practice rides are available in the afternoon as well. Come for the day and help out. Just remember, you need an adult there during practice rides. So, organize your friends and enjoy March Break!!!!

Michelle Colpitts






July 4, 1985 - February 3, 2000

As probably everyone has heard by now, Tequila passed away on Thursday, February the 3rd. While I could go on and on about how much she meant to me I would rather take this time to say thank you. I have been very touched by the way everyone at the farm has looked out for Tequila in her twilight years. Even when she was out of my sight, it was a great comfort to find that there always seemed to be someone keeping a watchful eye on her. I also can hardly believe your patience in dealing with the constant delays in lessons times. It must often have been very trying, for all of you, and I thank you for being so gracious about it.

But finally I want to thank Joan Follet and Monika Venier. For months now, they have patiently picked up the slack at the barn everyday thus enabling me to look after Tequila as she became more and more dependent. Even though their work load was always increased by my absence, they were always encouraging me to go and check on her and never once made me feel guilty when I did so. It is due to their generosity that I was able to have a little longer with my best friend, and for that, I am forever in their debt.

Pat Gillis


Deprived for Three Weeks


A couple of days ago, I was asked to write an article on "How it feels to not ride for THREE weeks!" The scary thing is, that I'm actually eligible to write this article!

Anyway, not riding for 3 weeks has drained the life from me. I no longer look forward to Thursdays, because I know that the weather, or something else, will prevent me from riding. I keep wondering if my favourite horse (Little Cheyanne) has forgotten me. Thursday, Feb. 11, Michelle and I left for the barn at 5 o'clock (for a 6:30 lesson). At 6 o'clock, we had barely gotten past Buttonville Airport! We were debating whether or not to keep going, and ride in the next lesson, or just turn around and head home. Michelle and I wanted to keep going ( as long as we weren't going to crash), but Sharon convinced us it wasn't worth it. To me, practically everything's worth riding!!! Am I right?

I haven't ridden in so long that my jodhpurs and chaps are collecting dust, mice are probably invading my locker and my sweaters have lost their horse smell! So to sum up my feelings, I have a simple phrase: "I HATE NOT RIDING!!"

By Krysta Morrissey


Canadian Association for Riding for the Disabled


Under the supervision of specially trained physiotherapists, skilled equestrian staff, and dedicated volunteers, participants develop greater physical and psychological skills, and as they are introduced to the sport of riding. This leads to higher confidence and self-esteem, attained through not only riding, but stable management as well.

There are 12 members in the CARD board, comprised of riders, parents and others. There are 8 paid staff, approx. 300 volunteers, two part-time physiotherapists (who aid in horse selection and rider placement) and three physicians specializing in rehabilitation medicine. CARD has 19 quality horses who are placed with riders to best suit the person's need for movement, whether it be swaying or up and down.

Therapeutic riding was first introduced to Canada in 1968 and CARD began in 1969. CARD was relocated to G. Ross Lord Park with the enthusiastic support of Mayor Mel Lastman, of North York in 1979. At the present time there are 19 stalls, 3 paddocks, a large indoor riding ring, offices and a viewing lobby. CARD also has unique mechanical adaptations such as a hydraulic mounting block for accessibility, and special tack to help riders with specific needs.

If you wish to become a volunteer for CARD, you must be 14 years old. Call (416) - 667-8600 if you would like more information.


Right from he Horse's Mouth

There is no situation I can imagine where the horse's natural kindness and noble nature should be insulted or abused by dissonance, rough treatment or unbalanced riding. Walter Zettl


Harrogate Horses

Scottish Heather


Heather is one of the oldest Harrogate Horses still working, but you wouldn't guess it from watching her! She beetles around, spooking like a 3 year old, but she is one of our best teachers. Pat had Heather when she was at U of T, and got her back a couple years ago. Her breed is "you guess", but she's probably Thoroughbred X Clydesdale, with some type of a small pony breed. She's 23 years old, and still nervous in her "new" surroundings. But she's a great school horse, for the experienced and the beginners, and always tries her best over jumps.

Buster Keaton



Everybody knows Keaton, owned by Russ and Lynne Glaeser, who got him in 1986. And no matter how many times he's run you up behind someone else's rump and almost gotten himself and you kicked, you still love him. Who wouldn't? He's a great school horse, and reminds everybody that horses can be just as smart as people when it comes to avoiding work. He's retired now, but still near the top of the pecking order. He's also near the top of the age range, an impressive 30 years old! So remember to give him a pat (avoid the hungry teeth), and unlock his door after you've lead your horse by. He's also a great example of Quarter Horse smarts, and Arab, um, uh, well, he has a great canter! And while he is never one to go out of his way to be eager for anything other than a carrot, I personally have had two experiences that show Keaton does have energy and enthusiasm. Once, he voluntarily cantered up to a jump without even a squeeze for a faster trot. Another time, he actually spooked, or at least cantered off! Instead of not being able to get him going, I couldn't stop him! Boy, did I feel embarrassed!


An Eclectic Page of This and That

(Check Eclectic in a dictionary.)



Friendships in the Field

Horses are like people in some ways (or is it the to other way around?)

Some horses get along with almost everybody and some horses always seem to be standing out in left field all by themselves. And some horses are good friends today and can't stand each other tomorrow. Do you know the answers to these Friendship questions?

1. Who is Chuckie's best friend?

2. Who is Paladin's favourite side kick?

3. Who does Paladin despise?

4. Who is Sputnik's girlfriend?

5. When she is away, who moves in?

6. Who is friends with Buttercup, Teddy and Willie but can't stand Wapiti?

7. Who is Wapiti's friend?

8.Who is Duchess's one and only friend?


1. Noddy 2. Keaton 3. Everybody else 4. Omby 5. Frankie 6. Raison 7. Frankie 8. Lugor