Established 1985

The Mane Bit

Issue 7


January 2000


From the Editor

The Christmas Party was, yet again, a success. Our main thank you this year is to Santa for dropping by, and to Raison for agreeing to carry all the gifts to the kids.

The horses have been enjoying their treats. They have been sharing them and the elves have been making sure they don't get too many at one time so that is why a few of the treats have not been opened yet. (Actually the horses like it this way because the treats last a lot longer.)

The indoor arena is working out great, aside from having to be oiled down a couple of weeks ago. But now it's doing fine, and should last for another two years, as long as we keep mucking it out! Have you noticed how much easier it is to clean the horses' hooves out after riding in the arena?

The December Mane Bit is now in the Riders' Corner on the Harrogate web site. We hope to get all of the newsletters on it so you can enjoy the photos in colour.

Michelle Colpitts



Donna, Nadine, Raison, Santa, Michelle

A Letter from Pat

Hi everyone:

The editor of the Mane Bit has kindly given me some space (but not enough) to thank everyone who got together to give the horses their new heated water tank for Christmas. (My dad has taken it home and is making an insulated box for it so that we won't be heating the whole of Holt.) All of the effort and thought that went into this gesture really means a lot to me and I hope my inability to find the right words at the very moment never cause anyone to doubt this.

A special note to all of you Saturday folks (you know who you are...) Vuokko gave me a CD of Bob Dylan's greatest hits so if I ever bring your gift out to the barn along with her CD, suffice it to day, you will soon be begging me to put your Pavarotti CD back in.)

Oh no! The editor says I have just run out of space! I am going to bribe her for more space next time because there are some other people whom I would like to thank.

Pat Gillis


Yet Another..... New Horse



Another horse has come to live at Harrogate, the royal Lady Nordica, a flea-bitten grey Thoroughbred who's just been separated from her foal about two months ago. Lady (as she's being called) is 18 years old, and belongs to Russ and Lynne Glaeser. She came to Harrogate on December 30, and has been given the newest (and most surprising) stall yet - across from Paladin!

Hay bales can no longer be stored against the wall below the shelf, because Lady's head sticks out right beside them!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all the Thoroughbreds at Harrogate! Most horse-people know that all purebred TB's have their official birthday on Jan. 1st of the year they were born. This can be to racehorse's advantage or disadvantage; a colt who is really just over 2 years old might be recorded as a three year old, and he'd be racing older and more experienced horses. But since our horses aren't racers (at least not any more), they get to celebrate their birthday twice a year! No fair! Plus, one of their birthdays is on the first day of the new year, in this case the millennium!

So Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to Willie, Sputnik, Knight, Noddy, Lugor, Frankie, Glory, Stash, Bijou, Lady and Sunny!!!!!  


Sad News - Goodbye to Gypsy

On January 5, Pat found Gypsy cast in her stall. It looked as if she had colic (a twisted gut) and had laid down then rolled over so close to the wall that she couldn't get up. In spite of the efforts of many people to keep her walking and in spite of the wonderful care shown to her by Dr. Watt, Gypsy just was not getting any better. Finally, Gypsy's owners accepted Dr. Watt's recommendation to put her down. Had this not been done, she would likely have died during the night after considerably more pain.

You probably heard that Big Ben died recently from colic as well. This is an illness that can come on suddenly. It can usually be treated but sometimes, even with the best of care, there is no cure. Our sympathies to all those people who loved Gypsy and particularly to Heather Warner who showed her so successfully last year and had been planning to part board her in January.


Warmth at Last!

If you've been to Harrogate in the last couple weeks you'll have noticed that Kerry's stall has been changed into the tack room, and the saddles and bridles are supported along the wall thanks to Russ who helped Pat redecorate. As the headline reads, we have found warmth at last while cleaning our tack. No more hiking back and forth from the lounge to the tack room (unless you ride somebody at the end of the barn).

If you use one of the lockers in the old tack room you may find some of your belongings misplaced. Sorry for the inconvenience but the change will be worth it especially when the water gets hooked up.


Harrogate Look-A-Likes



Big Cheyanne can be used as almost anything: hunter, dressage, cross country, beginner, advanced, plow horse ........ etc. More than anything else she likes to eat. If she's ever cross, it's likely because she's hungry. Big Cheyanne belongs to Mike Bondar, a veterinarian. You have probably noticed the portrait of her in the lounge. As soon as the artist, Ann Marie Staples, has finished a portrait of Mike's wife's horse, the two pictures will grace Mike's office.

Believe it or not, Mike really loved Chuckie so much that he bought Cheyanne because she looked like Chuckie (pinto). Then ........... read on

Little Cheyanne

Little Cheyanne

Michelle Payne really loved Cheyanne and bought another pinto who looked just like her. Michelle even named her horse the same. She never dreamed that they would both end up in the same barn. So now we have Big Chey and Little Chey. Little Cheyanne does have her not-so-perfect moments (as any horse), but on the whole she's a fabulous great challenging little mare who teaches her riders a lot. She is 8 years old, and has been at Harrogate for 4 years. Little Cheyanne's biggest problem is that no one started making her work until she was over four years old. She had gotten quite used to the easy life and wasn't sure that she had to follow certain rules (aids). She is still learning to jump, and is very adorable when she isn't bucking. That's why we must say "Spectators beware, hooves may fly your way!"


Did you know...

Many horse-lovers mix up horsey treats to give to their equine friends during the Christmas holidays. These treats often include oats, apples, molasses and carrots. But some recipes say to chop up the carrots. This is a BIG mistake if you chop or "dice" the carrots to a human-bite-sized piece. Carrots fed to horses should always be fed whole or cut into long pieces never small round chunks. These round pieces of carrot get wedged in a horse's throat and cut off their breath. This is extremely dangerous! So, no fancy cutting of carrots for our horses, please.


The Thoroughbred Quiz

Ready! Set! You're off!

1) In North America, Thoroughbreds race

  • a) to the left
  • b) to the right
  • c) in a straight line

2) What is the correct chronological order of the Triple Crown races?

  • a) Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes
  • b) Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness,
  • c) Preakness, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes

3) Of the three Triple Crown races, which is the longest?

  • a) Kentucky Derby
  • b) Preakness
  • c) Belmont Stakes

4) Of the following successful jockeys, who is Canadian born?

  • a) Angel Cordero
  • b) Sandy Hawley
  • c) Pat Day

5) Secretariat was

  • a) a Triple Crown winner
  • b) a Breeder's Cup winner
  • c) a Queen's plate winner

6) Who rode Secretariat in all three Triple Crown races?

  • a) Canadian born Sandy Hawley
  • b) American born Bill Hartack
  • c) Canadian born Ron Turcotte

7) What illness took Secretariat's life in 1989?

  • a) laminitis
  • b) colic
  • c) navicular disease

8) Who was the first horse to run the Kentucky Derby in two minutes flat?

  • a) Man O' War
  • b) Citation
  • c) Northern Dancer

9) Canadian bred Northern Dancer won

  • a) the Triple Crown
  • b) the Kentucky Derby & the Preakness
  • c) the Hambletonian

10) Which horse had the most impact on the sport of Thoroughbred racing in the past century?

  • a) Secretariat
  • b) Cigar
  • c) Northern Dancer


1) A

6) C

2) A

7) A

3) C

8) C

4) B

9) B

5) A

10) C

The closer you get to 10, the more you know about Thoroughbred racing.