Hallowe'en Horror Hits Harrogate Hills, Harrogate Hills Hits Back!

by Paul Litowitz

October 31 is like a cold, it makes people act strange, and lets them have fun. This Hallowe'en Harrogate Hills caught the flu. Riders and some employees wore costumes to engage in the Harrogate Hallowe'en spirit.

All costumes had to include proper riding apparel, helmet and boots, for safety. Riders did a great job at choosing costumes.

Some costumes were; a dragon, witch, cowboys, a pirate and parrot combo, and many more. The grand prize award goes to Richard Goldhar with a costume complete with ears and a tail. His picture is shown here. Pardon the pun, but it is too bad he was not riding Cheyanne.

The Harrogate Hallowe'en mastermind was Sunday afternoon instructor, Kelly Sherrard, who asked her students to dress up for the event. Word of mouth caught on and some morning students were struck by the Hallowe'en fever. Kelly kicked the afternoon off by dressing up as a Highway complete with traffic lights and cars.

Harrogate owner, Patricia Gillis, provided candy to give students a "sweet " Hallowe'en. The kids loved it but how about the parents? Don't ask after the dentist bills come! All in all it was a ssccaarryy day!


Puff My Favourite Horse, Stolen

By Sol Fried

*This story is based on a true story, solely based on the writers opinions, etc. Some facts differ, such as dates.

One night, Puff, my favourite horse was gone forever ... This is how it all happened. I had seen my brother Shawn ride for about two years, so I decided that I would learn to ride also. On the first day of riding, it was fun. I learned how to walk the horse, groom and control horses. One day I got to ride a horse named Puff. He was a beautiful horse. Puff had a beautiful mane and had a star below his forelock and he was chestnut in colour. He was the most beautiful grade horse I had ever seen!

Grade horse is not a breed but that is what you call a horse with an unknown breed. When I not up on Puff to ride him, my instructor, Donna, said, " Never use a whip on Puff!'' I asked " Why?'' Donna looked sad.

She said," When Puff was a foal his owner whipped Puff when he was younger. Puff became weak and was scared that he would get hurt. Eventually Puff listened to his owner out of fear.''

After Donna said everything, I was walking around the ring with tears in my eyes. After two weeks of riding Puff, Pat, the owner of the horses, let me ride Puff in the Harrogate Hill horse show on October 20, 1991. That day our family went to riding at six in the morning. My brother and I were there early enough to groom and tack up the horses. When a lot of people arrived they said that I looked like Ian Miller, the best international show jumper in Canada.

When I got on Puff for the show, I was excited. The judges told me what to do and I trotted, did sitting trot and walked. When the class was over the judge gave out prizes. I got one first place, and two seconds. When the show was over; I went home with Shawn and my mom.

The next day, when I was having dinner, the phone rang so I answered it. It was Pat. She said," I'm sorry, Sol. Puff was stolen last night.''

When Pat said that, I felt like crying. Then I asked Pat how and why he was stolen.

Pat answered me. She said, "Well, it was all a secret. After Puff was trained, his owner brought Puff to my stable, left him here and never came back. I kept Puff all of these years but late last night his owner came and took Puff home. He sold Puff to another riding stable. I am not Puff's owner. Good bye!''

That is how Puff vanished. When I think of Puff, I think of him in the horse show. I wish I could see him again.


Ask Vet Paul

Dear Vet Paul,

My horse has symptoms of colic. He appears uncomfortable, has no droppings in his stall, kicks at his belly, and rolls violently. It does not happen often but what can I do to stop it from happening and what should I do when it occurs. Hurry with a response, Worried

Dear worried,

The symptoms you described are indications of colic. Before we can understand how to treat it, we must know what colic is and what causes colic. Colic is a blockage in a horses intestine caused by the following reasons. A horse can get colic many ways; too much grain, cold water to a hot horse, too much dry food not enough water, and the number one cause of colic which is worm infestation.

Your horse can show you that it has colic as Mr. Worried mentioned, although the best way to identify colic is if there is
no feces in the horses stall. This happens because, with blocked intestines, a horse is relatively "constipated".

To prevent colic have your horse wormed regularly and do not allow your horse to eat or drink things that may block their intestines.

If it happens, remove the cause and take your horses vital signs. If the colic hasn't passed in one hour or if the symptoms are violent, call the vet and give as much information as you can. The horse must be walked every other hour until the colic has passed. If a vet comes he will listen to the horses gut and decide on a treatment that may include costly medicines.

Hope I helped, Vet Paul

*Paul Litowitz hopes to become a vet and will gladly accept any questions or comments.



by Andy Lacobelli

Aries - March 21 to April 19 Aries you ar coming to a minor fall in your life, but it wasn't your horses fault.
Taurus - April 20 to May 20 Your friends need breathing room, get off their backs before they buck you off.
Gemini - May 21 to June 21 Is your girth tight enough?
Cancer - June 22 to Jul 22 Turn all horse shoes up, to keep the luck inside.
Leo - Jul 23 to Aug 22 Warning! That expensive thoroughbred may be an expensive mule!
Virgo - Aug 23 to Sept 22 A good horse is not like fine wine, the longer you leave it the worse it gets.
Libra - Sept 23 to Oct 23 (Shameless Promotion) Get a lesson at Harrogate at least once a week.
Scorpio - Oct 24 to Nov 21 Pick up your reigns and get going, there is a good path waiting for you.
Sagittarius - Nov 22 to Dec 21 Someone has caused a big mess in your life, but you have to clean it up. Get mucking!
Capricorn - Dec 22 to Jan 19 You are going around the bends in life, get to the wire and you may get a lot of glory.
Aquarius - Jan 20 to Feb 18 Don't look over your shoulder at recent faults, worry about what lies ahead.
Pisces - Feb 19 to March 20 The fastest course does not alway win. Especially in the Hunter division.
Today's Birthday Happy Birthday from Chuck.


The Mix of Horses and Students

by Michelle Weston

More and more people are getting involved with equestrian riding. Although there are still many people who take riding for granted. It is not as easy as it looks and it takes a lot of time and energy to become an accomplished rider.

Paul Litowitz, 16, has been riding for the last six years and got started in a very unconventional way. Most people don't
think about it but he was introduced to riding to leave his house one day that he was grounded. He tried and stuck with it because "It is like a drug, the more you get, the more you want.'' Litowitz has proven himself as a young rider recently placing first in a Harrogate low jumper event on October 3rd, 1993.

Kelly Sherrard has taught at Harrogate for the last six months but has been riding for 16 years. She sums up her riding
experiences by saying," It's a good feeling when you think something and the horse does it. There is no reaction time.''

But we cannot forget the horses. There are 29 of the wonderful animals that have made Harrogate Hills their home.
Harrogate has approximately 9 different types of horses. From the stubborn Casey the quarter horse, purebred, to the lovable George, a connemara / Irish draft. Other purebreds include: Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, and Hanoverians. Other mixes include: Clyde cross, Morgan cross, grades and more.

Just like any sport riding takes time, energy, hard work, practice and horses! If you can get past that it is a great form
of exercise and it is loads of fun!


Comic Scenes of Chuck's Life

Thanks to Antoinette Zichy


The Horse Minute

by Paul Litowitz

When Paladin was questioned if he was going sour, he explained that he was only trying break the world record for ears flat back... Omby holds the previous record of 97 days... Warrior deserves part of the credit though, he stayed in the B.M.X. with her those 97 days... Warrior's friend Damien " is a horse " confirmed self - proclaimed horse expert Legacy... Legacy's neighbour C. B. has announced that she does not like her cribbing collar and will soon begin her tour to speak out against the evils of cribbing collars... On November 5th 1993 Brianne Pilkington officially made Casey sweat... It has been reported that when in company of Lucky Galore and Buster Keaton Tequila has been pressured
into eating grass... Blue got new shoes. He ordered low cut, Nike, racing shoes... WHY?... Kerry opted for loafers for those laid back days, when he'll use them, no one is sure... For 2 cups of grain, George will mediate a shoe trade between Blue e and Kerry if necessary... Hiring within; good temperament, sound, broken ... Eric applied for the job ...
NEXT! ... And finally the results to best couple of the year award goes to - drumroll please - C.B. and Lincoln... Warrior and Damien are furious they did not take the award home... Once again Cheyanne we didn't mention, but don't you worry she still gets attention, (refer to Harrogates Horsey Rap) ... That's all folks...


Gallop Pole

by Paul Litowitz

Okay Harrogate Hills riders listen up. The gallop pole is a chance for you to speak and you were pretty darn quiet last month. In the previous issue we asked your comments to the Chuckago Tribune banner (heading), Ashley Hain and the Cheater family were the only respondents, (Thanks guys).

We will do the same poll this time, although this time you make your own banner and submit it to the suggestion box. The best banner will be on the next paper.

The requirements for this poll turned contest is that there must be at least 5 entries, it must include - THE CHUCKAGO TRIBUNE - and be between 7 and 9 cm in height and 15 to 24 cm in length. It also must be clear and audible.

Harrogate this is a challenge! So grab your pens and pencils and get to work.


Editor's Note

Well the first paper was a success and we're already into the second. As you can see many outside writers participated this paper and this is encouraged. Keep it up. If you have not already, read the Gallop Pole a join in the fun... Please!

Also any and all advertisements can be put in the paper at a minimal fee, more information on this can be found out through the editor.

Don't forget all suggestions, comments and articles can be placed in suggestion box beside the papers.

Yours truly,

Paul Litowitz