Our 3rd Annual August Show

The Open " Cash Back" Class

On the weekend of August 26 and August 27 we had our third annual horse show. This time however there was a twist, as we returned to our old format and opened up the show to riders from other farms.

Across the board, as is always the case with Harrogate Hills students and staff, the comments we received were all similar. People are always impressed by how friendly, kind and generous with their time the folks at Harrogate Hills are. It is one of the things about Harrogate that makes me proud. Whether they were registering for the show, purchasing food at the concession stand or asking a Harrogate student or parent for directions or information, the end result was lots and lots of positive feedback.


Miranda on Bijou

I am always amazed at how days like that come together and am eternally grateful for all the help that is so kindly offered and which ensures such a successful day.

The show went off without a hitch for the most part. Unfortunately we had one incident when Emma had a bit of a spill off Grandpa. It turns out that she did break her arm, but her father has assured us that it was a clean break and she is well on the mend. (Grandpa is still feeling guilty hower)

Without a doubt the most popular class was the adult division. Much to the shock (and chagrin) of our adult riders, it also turned out to be the most popular class for the people coming from outside. It was great fun to watch our stellar adult riders go toe to toe with other riders! (A little side note … we must get our other adult riders out for a show. For some reason not all of them managed to make it, although I did see some of them skulking around in the back ground, surveying and checking it out for next time!)

Two "Harrogate adults" - bring on the competition!

Our cash back division was the last division of the day and against tough outside competition, Rebecca Schweinberger and Grandpa (trying ever so hard to be a hunter) came out on top.

As you all know, at Harrogate we offer horse shows throughout the year. These shows have a number of different purposes. One is for the students to have a chance, to a certain extent, to monitor their progress when assessed by an outside judge. They also get used to the inherent stresses involved in having to perform at a given moment under whatever circumstances are presented. This takes a fair bit of experience - learning to cope with the disappointment as well as the success is always a valuable lesson.

Heather Warner winning an Adult class

Some of the students aim to take their experiences here and put them to use at horse shows off the property. We urge any student who is interested in that to take advantage of the practice afforded by the in house shows.

Our next series of shows will begin Sunday October 29th and we look forward to seeing everyone there!



Looking for Used Riding Clothing or Equipment?

Sheryl Schweinberger has an inventory too comprehensive to list here.

If you are looking for that special something or have articles looking for a good home, please let her know by leaving your name, telephone number and list of items wanted or for sale in the envelope in the Lounge marked "CLEAN SWEEP HARROGATE HILLS STYLE".


Food for Thought

Each of the food words below is part of a bigger horse-related word or term. See if you can add the right letters to spell the new words using the accompanying clues.


Stumped? Get the answers straight from the horse's mouth!


Results of 2-Day Show


Successful Riding Through Yoga

By Shasta Townsend, Registered Yoga Teacher and Owner, Balanced Life Yoga

"True riding mastery can only be reached by the person who, for years and years has kept his mind open to new ideas, and even he should always be prepared to admit that there is still much to be learned."

Wilhelm Museler, Riding Logic

Yoga and riding are a natural fit. Classical horsemanship and yoga are both very ancient practices that, in their purest form, encourage learning through compassion, kindness and awareness. Both yoga and riding integrate breathing with moving rhythm. Breath control connects and guides movement in both yoga and riding. And riding and yoga are both activities that engage the mind and the body, stimulating you to identify and explore your limitations both mentally and physically.

With this natural fit, many equestrians are now turning to yoga to help them find success. In fact the 2006 Canadian Equestrian team turned to yoga and its principles after their disappointing results in 2002. Yoga helped this team by teaching riders to overcome fears and anxieties that sabotaged goals; it reduced the effects of muscular strain and minimized the risk of injury while increasing overall fitness, endurance and confidence. How can it help you?

Yoga Tools for Successful Riding

Relaxation and Awareness

As any fearful beginner will verify, a horse can immediately sense a frightened, tense novice and will act up accordingly. Yoga teaches the rider to integrate breathing, focus and calm into their skills. You learn to be mentally relaxed yet highly alert.

Balance and Alignment

The correction of asymmetries, improved posture and increased body awareness that one receives in yoga will enhance poise and grace in the rider (and then in the horse).

Muscle and Joint Health

Yoga postures keep your joints lubricated while increasing their shock absorbing qualities; this, combined with the improved strength and flexibility result in a more secure position, deeper seat and less injury and muscle strain.

Breath Control

Yoga teaches the rhythmic, sequential breath coordination needed to connect with the cadence of your horse's gait. Integrating breath with movement as taught in yoga will bring life to your riding.

Visualization and Affirmation

Learning to visualize and use positive affirmation has proven to be a winning combination to dispel anxiety before a competition or show.

Yoga is also a practical, portable way to warm up before or after a ride. Novices or instructors, amateurs or professionals involved in any style of riding should make yoga a part of their training and skill development regime. Yoga can clear your mind, prepare your body and enrich the time you spend on your horse.

Balanced Life Yoga is now offering Yoga for Successful Riding workshops at stables and barns throughout Durham and York Region. To learn more about Yoga for Successful Riding or to book your group lesson, please contact Balanced Life Yoga at 905-852-2782 or email We will send a knowledgeable, professional teacher to your training facility or stable. Private classes also available.


Dr. Brian Van Arem

Some of you may remember Dr. van Arem came to Harrogate Hills a couple of years ago to talk about veterinary medicine.
He began with equine dentistry and proceeded to enlighten all of us about many aspects of horse health.

We are hoping he will agree to come and share some more of his veterinary knowledge with us again this year, between Christmas and the New Year.

Look out for more information.


Wheel of Fortune

Every rider who enters a Harrogate Hills horse show has the chance to win one of the following:


Slimmed Down Sayings

All three of the following strings of letters are horse expressions with all of the vowels, spaces, and punctuation removed. Can you figure out what they are supposed to say?

" N V R L K G F T H R S N T H M T H

" Y C N L D H R S T W T R B T Y C N T M K H M D R N K

" F R M T H H R S S M T H



Stumped? Get the answers straight from the horse's mouth!


A Day at a Harrogate Horse Show

By: Rebecca Schweinberger

"Hey guys where's the yarn?"
"OK, who has the scissors?!"
"How many horses did you say we have to braid!!!!!!"

The battle has begun. Nine riders were busy scurrying around anxiously preparing their horses for the following big day, an off property schooling show. Little did they know that all the hard work they put into brushing the horses' coats till they shone, braiding till their hands blistered and making that normally not so perfect tail full and beautiful was going to be least of their worries. Tomorrow the day would be full of smiles, tears and the occasional non-selective dismount.

Erica, Kandice, Sam, Miranda, Melissa, Geoff, Nick, Bridgette and Rebecca slowly walked into the barn Early* Sunday morning. Behind those sleepy eyes all nine kids were extremely excited and just the slightest bit nervous. One at a time horses came out on crossties for the final preparation.

"Awe man…Pete ripped 3 of my braids out!"
"So much for Eddie staying clean!"

The riders were busy, fixing braids, making poo stains disappear, polishing hooves and tacking up their horses for the journey … down the road. One by one horses and riders left their home and ventured down to new uncharted territory. Once all nine riders and six horses had arrived at Blue Star they were all very curious about their new surroundings. Music blaring every which way, horses everywhere, children screaming and scary new objects, like tractors, tents and a sprinkler system. All of which were foreign to our proud but shell shocked school horses.

All in all, the walk down to Blue Star turned out to be uneventful. There was the odd spook at the random crackling sound of a twig, one crazy and deranged rotweiller, and the sound of oncoming traffic. Our seven valiant stead's Golden Deniro (aka Pete), Lil Cheyanne, Scout, Legacy's Paradox, Wapiti, Limited Edition (Eddie) and Grandpa were, for the most part, on their best behaviour. While at Blue Star our nine riders and seven horses participated in three different divisions - cross rails, two foot hunter, and hi/low hunter (2'6" / 2'9"). Both riders and horses should be very proud of themselves. They tried their best and all came out of the ring with a grin on their face. With only a few flying dismounts, refusals and the odd tear the day was very successful. Every one seemed to learn a lot and really enjoyed the day.

Along the way I have learned a few things about horse shows. One, they never run according to schedule and two, you can guarantee that you will be spending your entire day at the show. I have learned that you will see all kinds of personalities from horse and rider, some that will make you think "hmm why are they here?". I have also learned that there is always something new to learn and take away from every show day. You should never be disappointed with your outcome just learn from it.

Horse shows are a lot of work but I thank every one for making it such an incredible day. For me, it is always the perfect way to spend a weekend!

I am proud to be representing Harrogate Hills!

Rebecca & Grandpa
Grand Champions in the Open Cash Back Division
of the Harrogate Hills 2 Day Horse Show


Harrogate Tickets

How you earn them:

Tickets may be spent on Saturday June 23nd.
Prize drawings will be made at the year-end awards celebration.

How you spend them:

After spending your tickets use them again in our Yearend Prize Draw!

A rider without a horse is just a man, but a horse without a rider is still a horse.


2006/2007 Show Schedule

(Tentative dates)

Sunday, October 29, 2006
Sunday, November 19, 2006
Sunday, February 25, 2007
Sunday March 25, 2007
Sunday April 29, 2007
Sunday, May 20, 2007
Sunday June 24, 2007


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Scavenger Hunt

Answers for the questions below can be found on

  1. What does the rider have to be to make sure that the horse receives the kindest treatment?
  2. How many acres large is Harrogate Hills in Mount Albert?
  3. Name 3 full thoroughbreds that are school horses.
  4. Name one Hanoverian chestnut horse and tell how many socks he has.
  5. What is the name of the oldest horse on the farm?
  6. What does a level seven rider have to be able to do/learn?
  7. Name four colours of school horses at Harrogate Hills in Mount Albert? Tell which horse is which colour as well.
  8. What is your riding level?
  9. What does regular board at Harrogate Hills in Mount Albert include?
  10. How long are summer camp sessions?
  11. What is the address of the Harrogate Hills Riding School?
  12. What is the telephone number of the Harrogate Hills Riding School?
  13. If someone wants more information what is the email address that people will need to know to write the Harrogate Hills Riding School?

For the next three questions, you may need to do some searching on the
Internet or in your horse books.

  1. What does it mean to ‘float’ a horse’s teeth?
  2. What part of the horse’s body does Navicular disease affect?
  3. Both the Hanoverian and the Holsteiner were originally bred in what

Send your correct answers to Answers must be received by October 31, 2006.
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