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17 Dec 2004 Chelsea J. Hey its Chelsea, Harrogate Hills is the best!:D I love all the horses there. My favourites are Legacy (my all-time favourite!!)Omby, Bijou, and George! I'm excited that I'll be starting my lessons in January again, December was so boring without riding!!
17 Dec 2004 Chelsea J. OMG! HARROGATE HILLS ROX! The horses there are so friendly and great teachers! Can I please, please, please ride Legacy one time he's my favourite horse and he's soo cute! I HOPE U FEEL BETTER OMBY!
17 Dec 2004 Chelsea J. Harrogate Hills is the bomb! Legacy is my favourite!! I can't wait till I start riding again after the March Break!! I LUV LEGACY!
17 Dec 2004 Chelsea Hey guys!! It's Chelsea! I haven't been riding for so long!! I am planning to return to Harrogate in the summer to see my favourite horse, LEGACY!! I can't wait to see the new horses! They look so cute! Anyways, see you guys in the summer!
17 Dec 2004 Chelsea J. HEY HARROGATE!! i miss riding there so much! however, since i've moved to Barrie, i have found a new riding place and finally got my own horse, named Maggie! hopefully i can come for a lesson or two! I miss all the horses there! i am sad 2 see that some horses have passed away! bye for now!
31 Oct 2004 Erica R.I.P Robbie. you were to young to die and we will all miss you very much. have fun in heaven.
11 Aug 2004 Joanne Last October, a wild grey mare escaped from a nearby farm and wandered the countryside for 8 months. For everyone who's been wondering where she went and how she's doing... Visit:
I've taken some photos of her and her new addition! They're both doing really well.
7 June 2004 scout Hi i was wondering if you could add pictures of Batman and Goldie

We now have a picture of Batman courtesy of Erin. Thank you Erin for all your great pictures! Goldie has moved to another barn and we wish her well.
7 June 2004 scout I rode Dan for the last two weeks! I love him he is so cute!!!!!!!!!
22 May 2004 Emily DiFalco I saw your web site today I really am interested in coming to see you one day. I liked looking at the horses and my favourite i think will be Jack. He looks so cute. See you soon
24 Feb 2004 scout Hi, I cant wait to start horseback riding in may!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen the place already and it is awsome!!!
13 Feb 2004 kylie i am in love with this barn. ME+ HIL=Jump Crew lol. and everybody
you can take that attitude and just go. lol
6 Feb 2004 Thea It's so sad to see both Blue and Sputnik go. I'll never forget them, and never stop loving them, especially Blue. Rest in peace guys, we love you.
31 Jan 2004 Kenzie+Jack Hello everyone! I am soo excited for the show! Jack was soooo good in my lesson today. Jack and I are going in hack tomorrow. See you there!
31 Jan 2004 scout i havent ridden since camp but i still remember some stuff.i want to ride Omby.
9 Jan 2004 kirsten got to ride I haven't ridden for at least 2 months because of hockey
27 Dec 2003 Guess who??? we love it we think it's the best. People are very ncie, and it is
very clean and we think the horses are very well taken care of.
22 Dec 2003 Allie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Pat!! u need 2 go 2 and go 2 games!! then get entertained by singing horses!!! its really!!! funni!! heheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
13 Nov 2003 Lorie Hayhow Great site very informative see you Saturday November 15.
30 Oct 2003 janice b. hello,it's me again!I just got back from my lesson at harrogatehills and i rode legacy,i loved riding him YAY he was like a dream!i hope i can ride him again in the future,thanks all the girls who helped me get legacy ready see ya soon
tootles thanks again (p.s my coach was really nice)I (L)daphy&legacy!
23 Oct 2003 vic.p i ride at YERS i dont know if you ppl know where that is you probly do (york equestrian riding school) ne ways im janice .b`s best friend or at least one of them, i ride a belgium-quarter horse cross and i was just visiting the site cause janice told me it was really cool and great and stuff and it is! well buh bye for now!
P.S my horse that i leases name is samson. i dont really know if you care but oh well!

18 Oct 2003 janice b. I'm so excited! I phoned harrogatehills today and i get to come to an acessment on saturday! i can't wait p.s the person on the phone was extreamly welcoming and kind thanks lots -janice (p.s i'm looking foward to seeing the horses!) tootles!
17 Oct 2003 janice b. my horse daphnee recentley moved to sarnia, i've been really heartbroken about her leaving and need to find a new facility to ride at im hoping to call harrogate hills in the next few days to ask about lessons :'( i miss my daphy -janice

14 Oct 2003 Laura Bognar Hello, I am current looking for a quality boarding facility for my "big baby" Cadence. From what I have seen on your website, it looks perfect. I would love the opportunity to come by for a tour and hopefully you will have a stall available. Talk to you soon.

21 Sep 2003 Debra Barton I was surfing the web tonight and came across your website. I just
about fell off my chair when I was viewing your horses and came across
"Petite Bijou". She was my first horse who I sadly had to sell many years
ago. I knew she had gone to a great home and I'm thrilled she has been loved
so well all these years.

Your facility looks lovely. I'd love to come by and see it.
1 Sep 2003 kirsten holland hey I see you have a new horse on the web but people on your gest book
say there is more horses. I'll get to see in my lesson tonight.

18 Aug 2003 Lisa Hi its lisa how are you? I was just wondering can i ride on omby next time if its not to much trouble
10 Aug 2003 Nicole Walker I viewed your web site, and am looking forward to visiting your
facility in the near future. Beautiful facility!
21 Jul 2003 lisa

Hi I love it at harrogate hills it is the best place ever all the horses are so cool.Oh I also love the website but could you put a map on it because somtimes I foget where to go thanks so much you guys are the BEST!!!!!

There is a map on the "Contact Us" page. The link has been changed to "Contact Us + Map" to make it easier to find the map.

19 Jul 2003 Kristina Hey Pat!
I'm so sorry that I can't get up there this summer. I've been really busy and working in the city :( I would rather be at the barn, but what can you do. I'll try to arrange something with my parents so that maybee I can come and see everyone. Give all the horsies big hugs and kisses (especially Cheyanne and Shade). I can't wait to meet all the new members of the Harrogate family. Hope everything is going smoothly. Talk to ya later.
22 June 2003 Alex Pat ya hav to hurry up and get those new horseys on the site!! is that REALLY JIM GAFFNEY & SECRETARIAT?? or is some1 jokin?? :)

Jim Gaffney really did submit a comment to our guest book.
20 June 2003 Chelsea I saw what Harrogate Hills looks like and it looks really beautiful and the pictures of the horses are really great too. The best part is I'm going to be attending their camp over the summer!!
5 June 2003 Jim Gaffney and Secretariat That is really a beautiful place you have there and I understand that your horses are the most happiest in the world......I would love to visit it someday and who knows, I retire at the end of the year and just maybe???.. I know if I were Secretariat, I would love to be bedded down there.. Happy Trails ......
6 Mar 2003 Erica Buchanan I can't ride at Harrogate Hills because i live in Mississauga and it is quite far. I ride at Ballygrace farms though it is a great place! I love your website.
23 Nov 2002 Ainsley Miller I love riding at harrogate hills. My teacher donna is the coolest. I wish i could own a horse. If i could pick i would want Wapiti
21 Nov 2002 sarah curtin hi, I'm Kenzie's friend and ive visited harrogate, to see Jack lots of times!! I have my own horse, Samson and Kenzie has seen him! i lke your website and its neat the way you have all the horses on it!! anyways i g2g.
10 Oct 2002 Barbara I would like to thank everyone at Harrogate Hills for the great hunter show held on Sunday, Oct. 6th. Participating in the low hunter division was a great schooling opportunity for both me and my horse. The course was excellent. But more than that it was a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere that both I and (I believe) my horse enjoyed. Thanks again!
9 Oct 2002 Tanmayo What a wonderful website! Extremely well done. Great to see old favourites remembered. The website reflects the 'heart' I always felt at Harrogate Hills.
14 Sep 2002 Kelly Hi, Pat! I just wanted to tell you that I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I've heard a lot of cool things about your riding facility, and I hope I do well at the schooling show. (I'll be entered in the Low Hunter Division.) I can't wait....
11 Aug 2002 Allie Hay!! hay is for horses oh well!!!Good luck to Cheyanne, Omby and [ starting to be more calm!!] Frankie!!
Poor glory!!:C
See ya Guys:D
2 Aug 2002 Kristina Rapson Hey Pat! Website looks great! I had a great time at camp, as a camper and a worker. Give Cheyanne lots of hugs and kisses from me cause she's gonna be a mommy soon :D Hope to try and come up during the year, write later.
13 Jun 2002 Jessica Hey! i really like your site it looks cool maybe i could start riding there it looks neat! and your horses are so beautiful!
19 May 2002 Kenzie I'm soooo excited about camp..and the show! I'm entering on Jack. I can't wait!
12 May 2002 Allie School is almost over. HOORAY!!! i can't wait for camp and riding, riding, RIDING!! How come no one writes?!!
30 Apr 2002 Alex :-} [ Monday Class] Hey!! Will school ever end and camp begin!! I say the barn isn't the same without Amy,Major & Chuckie:-{ School end now ! Camp begin NNNNOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!! Gotta go do {too} much homework. Aren't I right!!
11 Apr 2002 Kenzie Nobody has written for a long time! I just thought I'd say that I was the one who put that note and flowers in Chuckie's stall. I really miss him...alot.
21 Sep 2001 Amanda

Hey Harrogate! The pictures r great--but what about Eddie?!?!? He deserves to b in 'meet our horses' too, ya know! See ya Sunday!

We finally added a photo of Eddie.

12 Sep 2001 Amanda Hi Harrogate! U need a picture of Eddie to make the site complete--'cause after all, he is one of us--he deserves to be on the net too!!!
11 Sep 2001 Amanda Harrogate Hills kicks but! There is no better place than this--that's for sure!
27 Aug 2001 Cordy & Miranda DuBois Hi! We are sad that we had to leave harrogate because we had to go to school!!We don't want to go back to school!!!!!Harrogate Hills is the best!
23 Aug 2001 Amanda Hey, Harrogate! Jake & Heather look so great (as usual!)in their photos! Now, to make the site perfect, we need a picture of Eddie in there! See u in the fall!
18 Aug 2001 Sarah & Amanda Can't wait to come back. We need a picture of Eddie!!! We LUV Harrogate!! :)
16 Aug 2001 Amanda Maitland The site is great!!! I think Jake, Legs and Frankie look so adorable in their cute poses, and we NEED a picture of Eddie!!!
10 Aug 2001 *~chelsea~* Hey every 1!!! i luv the site i come on everyday just 2 look @ mi fave horses! keep up the good work...cant wait 4 camp next week!!!! .........P.S jake looks sooooo cute in hiz pic... how bout another 1 2 put on?? or maybee 2 more? just kidding missin ya! c~ya all next week!!
6 Aug 2001 Karen Courville - Shana Slater Hi.......So glad we found you...I'm impressed big time. Your Mom even remembered us......We are planning on coming up on August 11........will try and make contact prior...Hope all is well. Love Karen and Shana I can't believe Chuckie is still alive.....that's my boy.
23 Jul 2001 才└-|磩投癬才 ~才Hello!!~才 ~才 summer iz going so SLOW!!! i desperatly want 2 go 2 riding camp this august! i just cant wait! but 1st i gotta stop off @ "fox hunter" 4 some new riding stuff.> keep up tha good work .... luvin the page with all the horses pix... jake, george and willie 4 eva!~ luv ya all ! chels*xoxo
2 Jul 2001 Elyse I am going to miss Noddy , she was the very first horse that i have ever rode. Rest in peace nibbles n' nod!
25 Jun 2001 Bayan Peterson Hey Harrogate! I luv da website! Lagacy looks so handsome (he always does)! All the pics other look great too! Keep up the good work! C ya soon!
24 Jun 2001 Bayan Peterson Hi Harrogate! I love your website. Keep it up. I look forward to comming to the stables every week.
11 Jun 2001 Jean Graham HARROGATE is the BEST!!! I can't wait till i come back in September!! See you all then
Mar 2001 Webmaster Due to computer problems, all comments submitted from March 4, 2001 to March 20, 2001 were accidentally lost. The Webmaster apologizes for this and kindly asks that you re-submit your comments.
3 Mar 2001 Mallory and chelsea hey guyz.. looks great. well we cant say lots becuz there iz just 2 too many great things abut harrogate to say! see you all soon.
27 Feb 2001 chelsea baggley harrogate hills iz the best place 2 ride! i have ridden there 4 4 years now and really miss riding (besuz i am awaiting a spot 4 the monday nite lesson!!!)pat and donna (instuctors)r the nicest riding teachers ive ever had over the past7 years of my riding career!!! i love the horses especially though(by the way the best horses r:jake,willie and george)i love it there and i will never leave!! love u all @harrogate !!! love from chelsea
16 Oct 2000 Rochelle Morais Took me a while but I'm glad I finally made it onto the site. It's great to see the horses and Sarah and Noah enjoy seeing them too. Miss you all
28 Aug 2000 nitta Great site! I wonder if you have any vacation package . I am going on vacation in oct.and I'am looking for a riding farm to spend 4-5 days riding horse.

Sorry, we have great facilities for horses, but no lodging for people. You are welcome to book some riding lessons if you are in the area.
3 Aug 2000 Carly Stuart Great site!
2 Aug 2000 Joanne & Kenzie Johnston Thanks so much for adding Jack to the website and for putting in such a nice photo of him! The whole website looks great!
28 Jul 2000 Kenzie Thanks for adding Jack to the website. Now all we need is a photo!!
27 Jul 2000 katie henderson The horses are lovely i like amy, major, omby, bijou and glory the best. The leaders are nice. The website is great too.
27 Jul 2000 Rosie Sum, Ohio what a fabulous website! Now I can look at the horses my niece is riding. And my daughter can show her friends, Blue -the horse she rode at summer camp. W0W!!!!!
22 Jul 2000 erica I love your website. Kerry's pictures are the best. See you at the show tomorrow. Keep up the good work. Harrogate and their horses rock.
19 Jul 2000 Kenzie Wow, the website has gotten better since I last looked at it! We'll have to get a picture of Jack to put up there!
6 Jul 2000 Christina (Chris) Peel Hey everyone!!! I can't wait to see you guys this summer!! And what a great web site!! Jake, Lugar, Legacy and Frankie look the best, and it's really cool that I don't have to fly over to Canada just to pick-up a copy of the "mane bit"! See ya' in August!!!
20 Jun 2000 Michelle Colpitts The new "Take a Tour" section is a great addition! It really shows what it's like to be at Harrogate. And thanks for putting the newsletter on the website!
06 Jun 2000 Pam, Jake & Emma Coburn We love the web-site -- been in twice so far as we work our way around our new internet access from home. The kids are all looking forward to summer camp but Mom wants to ride too! Guess it's hard to fake 15 when you're 40.
27 May 2000 Emma Clayton I really like the site. Little Cheyanne is adorable!! Keep up the good work!
26 Mar 2000 Debra & Reid Warner We miss all of our friends at Harrogate, but will be back soon as Heather should soon be 'back in the saddle' health-wise very soon.
17 Jan 2000 Krysta I love the new photos of Little Cheyanne!! She's the best horse!!
8 Jan 2000 Nathan

I really liked the site. I think that you should try to keep it more up to date. I think you might like to have two Open House sections, one advertising your next Open House and the other giving a 5 or 6 slide show tour. Finally, the horse portraits are too big and so I just do not see the entire image - but image quality of the photos and the map is excellent and the site downloads very quickly. Lovely aerial shot. Regards.

Thanks for your suggestions. We added a slide show tour and reduced the size of the images.

24 Dec 1999 Sam Cicirello Chuckie! Chuckie! Chuckie!
WOOOO!! I love that beautiful horse, I am serious. I think there should be an award in Chuckie's name. How about it?
Chuckie! Chuckie! Chuckie!
8 Dec 1999 Mackenzie Johnston Wow I love your website! I like your pictures, but I think Kerry and Legacy look the best. I already have pictures of Kerry,Dan,Jake and even Paladin up on my bedroom wall.
14 Nov 1999 Jill Lunney Hey Everyone! You probably remember me from riding here last year. Legs looks good and so does Dan. I just have one question; what happened to blue? Please post your answer so I can be settled. Thank you in advance. Maybe I'll start riding again at Harrogate in the future. Say "Hi" to Donna for me.

Blue is spending some time at Michelle's farm with Apache (Little Cheyanne's brother). He'll be back at Harrogate for summer camp.
19 Oct 1999 Krysta Morrissey I'd just like to congratulate Harrogate for finally making a web page!! Anyways, my favourite section is "Meet Our Horses", I love the photos! Other than that all I have to say is: Keep up the good work!
1 Oct 1999 Sue-Tina Kong A great web-site. The pictures of the horses were beautifully photographed and scanned. I particularly liked the easy navigation throught the web-site, and the informative text. Your web-site designer did an excellent job!I think I am in love with Sputnik! If ever I decide to take riding lessons for the day, I will definitely look Harrogate Hills Up!
15 Sep 1999 Michelle Colpitts Amazing Wedsite! Very informative! Jake looks almost as handsome as he does in real life.
2 Sep 1999 Jill Great site!!! I luv the pics, all the horses look good...especially Bijou! :)
29 Aug 1999 Ellen What a fab site! I love the picture of Paladin & I'm really impressed with how handsome Legacy looks.
28 Aug 1999 Jamie very nice site, MJ--must be like riding at HHills!
24 Aug 1999 Gail - Cape Town, S.A. What a treat to be able to see Sunny without flying all the way there! Great horse, Claire. Very impressive web site - well done.
23 Aug 1999 Claire Wow! Great work - I especially liked that amazing picture of the handsomest horse in the barn - Sunny!
22 Aug 1999 Gerry Steinhouse Wow! What a wonderful update. I can't tell if I'm more impressed by the web site now or the FANTASTIC picture of that horse - LEGACY!!!!!!
18 Aug 1999 Mary-Christine All the pictures of the horses are great....Bijou's is the best of course!!!
7 Aug 1999 Gerry My congratulations on a wonderfully professional and well designed web site.
2 Aug 1999 Mary-Christine Thanks a million for putting Petite Bijou's summary sheet in the web looks great!